About Us


Welcome to the Pensions Appeal Tribunal Scotland

The Pensions Appeal Tribunal for Scotland is entirely independent of the Veterans UK and the Secretary of State.

Our aim is to provide speedy, efficient and consistent decision-making on the appeals that come to us. We receive around 300 Appeals per year.

The Tribunal deals with Appeals for both the War Pension Scheme and The Armed Forces Compensation Scheme.

The Tribunal determines:

The War Pensions Scheme

whether you are entitled to a War Pension;

The percentage at which the War Pensions Agency has assessed your disablement;

or whether you are entitled to an allowance e.g. for mobility needs.

The Armed Forces Compensation Scheme

whether you are entitled to an award; or
the amount of the award.

The Tribunal is headed by a President who is legally qualified and supported by a panel of part-time Legal Chairmen, Medical Members and Service Members. All appointments are made by the Lord President of the Court of Session.


Marion Caldwell KC

Picture of President