Pensions Appeal Tribunal Scotland

Vacancies at the Pensions Appeal Tribunal Scotland

The Pensions Appeal Tribunal Scotland is now inviting applications for panel members. The closing date is 31st May 2017.

The appointments are made by the Lord President of the Court of Session under Section 6 and under paras 2 and 2A of the Schedule to the Pensions Appeal Tribunals Act 1943 as amended.

Our panellists will form part of the Tribunal, which will hear and decide appeals relating to disablement pensions (known as War Pensions) arising from service in the Armed Forces, Mercantile Marine, Civil Defence etc. All tribunal sittings are held in Edinburgh. A fee per sitting is payable and reasonable travel expenses are paid within Scotland. You are likely to be allocated approximately ten sitting days per year.  Interviews are scheduled for late June 2017.  Successful candidates will be able to take up their appointments by October 2017.

There are vacancies for each member type, see below for details of experience and qualifications required:

Legal Chairmen

(3 vacancies)

Applications are invited from qualified lawyers. 

Candidates should:

(a) be an advocate or solicitor admitted in Scotland of at least five years standing;

(b) satisfy the judicial-appointment appointment eligibility condition within the meaning of the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 on a 5-year basis;

(c) be a member of the Bar of Northern Ireland or solicitor of the Supreme Court of Northern Ireland of at least five years standing. 

The sitting fee for a legal member is £491.61, this includes reading, sitting and writing time


Medical Members

(5 vacancies, three of which will be general medical members and two psychiatrists)

Candidates should be a duly qualified medical practitioners of at least seven years’ standing.  Those applying for the psychiatric member appointment should be Members of the Royal College of Psychiatrists

The sitting fee for a medical member is £478.43



Service Members

(3 vacancies)

Applications are invited from persons with knowledge or experience of service in Her Majesty’s naval, military or air forces

The sitting fee for a service member is £222.38

Expressions of interest, and a letter giving details of experience, should be sent to The Secretary, Pensions Appeal Tribunals for Scotland, George House, 126 George Street, Edinburgh EH2 4HH by Wednesday 31st May 2017.   Further information about the posts may be obtained from the Secretary by e-mail on or by telephoning 0131 271 4340. 


General information for candidates

Our Tribunal members generally sit one day per month, and approximately 10 days per year. All our appeals are held in George House, Edinburgh from Monday to Friday. Sitting days are not guaranteed as they depend necessarily upon the number of appeals and hearings the Tribunal has at any given time. However, 10 days per year is a realistic estimate of how many hearing days you will have as a member. On occasion this can be more as well as less, depending upon the availability you give and the how many appeals we deal with. You will be asked for your availability 1 – 2 months in advance.

A sitting day will normally comprise 3 – 4 cases to be determined. These cases will consist of appeals against the War Pensions and Armed Forces Compensation Schemes. Appellants will either be appealing against the refusal of a pension or the level of assessment they have been given by Veterans UK (on behalf of the MOD).

Many cases are sensitive, dealing as they do with individuals who have experienced psychological and / or physical trauma owing to their time as military personnel. Appeals can be made by both retired and active members of the armed forces.   

As an independent body, the Tribunal will determine the merits of each case and provide a decision. The other panel members on the Tribunal will comprise a legal Chairperson, a medical specialist and a service member (with knowledge and experience of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces).

Paperwork relating to the appeal (the ‘statement of case’) is sent out to members two weeks in advance of the hearing. The Chairperson normally conveys the decision verbally on the day and is expected to provide a full written decision within three weeks after the hearing.

There is an annual one day Scottish training event at George House Edinburgh, normally in November / December each year.

Some initial training will be provided for the appointments in question.

The appointments are for an initial period of 5 years. Thereafter they will be open to renewal subject to satisfactory performance of duties.